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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2017


As GPS novices our story starts in earnest with searches on Google to try to get up to speed on modern GPS devices and their use in navigation as applied to landscape photography. To some extent this is when the trouble began! The name most frequently heard in relation to walking and cycling GPS is Garmin. Searching led rapidly to a morass of jargon and what seemed like wilfully obtuse product descriptions. It proved impossible over the initial hours of study (and our search history shows thousands not hundreds of entries!) to glean any real knowledge that was useful, what was needed, what it was called and where you might look at a review of a product? We even downloaded a product manual for the Garmin 820 after it had been hinted that this might do the job for us – what a masterpiece of secret coding and obscure writing this is! You GPS – Finding your way to that perfect landscape location Mike McNamee endures the vagaries of GPS and Garmin devices in a saga which rivals the Windows Vista debacle!


might expect to be able to search a term such as 'recording your journey' as a starting point (for we had heard that you can do such things). No joy! With the benefit of hindsight we went back and took another look at the PDF manual – it is indeed almost opaque! The relevant instruction starts with the words 'If you are using an ANT+ sensor or accessory it can be paired…' No explanation of what ANT+ is occurs in any part of the manual (we looked!) and for the record it stands for:

"ANT+ (pronounced ant plus) is a sub-system of the base ANT protocol (a proprietary wireless technology) designed and marketed by the ANT+ Alliance, a division of Dynastream Innovations Inc." There now, that's cleared that up!

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