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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2017


Options are offered to use or avoid toll roads, tunnels, ferries or bridges.


This is a dynamic routing facility which proposes real-time changes to the routing if congestion or road closures are reported.

Follow Road:

When plotting, rather than tapping in a succession of way points these are detected and placed by the software, producing a cleaner and more accurate description of the route.


The algorithms are changed to reflect a desire to use quieter roads or paths along with a preference for designated cycle ways.


This usually calculates the most direct route in a town, paying no heed to one way systems for example. With the OS Premium service the paths of National Parks are treated as 'roads' and the 'follow road' snapping comes into play, it is called 'snap to path'.

Way Points

These are placed by mouse clicks or automatically by the software when a change of direction or junction is detected. These can be arranged to 'pop up' on the GPS device to warn the user that a turn or direction change is coming up.

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