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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2017


At the moment it seems than none of the available apps or devices has a capability of servicing this writer's wish list. This is not a complicated wish list, just a compilation of what can be done collectively by a range of the available 'systems':
1. Auto-route completion for driving, cycling and walking including snap to paths
2. Course and route designing that can be edited
3. Elevation data
4. Mapping options for OS, OSM Cycle and Harvey maps
5. Maps that may be mounted on up to five devices without additional charge
6. Aerial views at least to Bing Aerial standard 7. The ability to print out maps to a size of the user's choosing including higher scale so that they may be read without magnifiers or other aids
8. Devices that provide turn-by-turn instructions
9. Devices and apps that accept (seamlessly) all XML-based codes
10. Instruction manuals that have been sub-edited by normal people who speak plain English

Collectively we have funded the space programmes that have put all this technology into the air. Much of it was originally developed so that governments can bomb the crap out of helpless, innocent people so we can reasonably expect some benefits to flow down for peaceable activities we paid for all this stuff!

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1st Published 01/02/2017
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