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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2017

Drag-Edit mode

This is an editing mode for use after a route has been compiled but requires user intervention to tidy up the suggested route (maybe an un-fordable river for example).

Off Line Map

Specific to OS. If you pay the additional charge you can download the entire map or map set to avoid the need for a mobile phone signal out in the country (the cost runs to hundreds of pounds for a full UK map set).


Open Street Map, a user-generated open source mapping facility that is free to use. The 'mappers' look exclusively after terrain mapping but make the code available so that (for example) the cyclists can use the map skeleton and add cycling-specific detail such as designated cycle routes (this is called OSMCycle).


Garmin files that have become the standard for moving, sharing and exchanging route files with others and other devices. They are XML files and may be edited (by geeks!) in simple text editors.


This is another Garmin file format which is 'universal' and transfers both routing data and waypoint instructions. Notes may also be added and the TCX History files may also contain data such as heart rate.


A route is a plan for a ride. A route will include a path, an elevation profile, and can include a cue sheet, points of interest, photos and more. You can create your own routes or find routes that other users have created.


A ride is a route that you rode (or ran, kayaked, etc) on a particular day/time. Whenever you upload data recorded from a GPS unit, you are creating a ride.

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