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by Steve Allen Published 01/04/2017


All your work should be fully corrected for the following:

Correct colour balance, saturation, and contrast.
Any converging verticals on buildings, etc should be corrected (unless they are intentional for dramatic effect)
Slopping horizons should be corrected too (again, unless intentional).
Try to shoot at low ISO where possible to keep noise to a minimum and maximise quality.
Crop your image, if required, to cut out distracting elements so the viewer sees just what matters.
Do not 'over-sharpen' your images.
Check your image at 100% magnification and remove all sensor dust spots and other blemishes. I spend a lot of time cleaning up images, removing litter, removing bird mess, removing TV aerials and dishes from roofs, removing chewing-gum marks from pavements and removing numbers from car number plates and also numbers and names from boats.

Now, I know most of this may seem obvious, but a quick scan through the files of your average ‘stock agency’ will show that many images that are on sale are not that great (this obviously depends on the agency you're looking at, some have far better quality control than others).

Size matters! – most of my images are submitted at 50MB or above and hardly any are less than 30MB. The larger the file size the more potential uses a buyer can have. This must increase the chances of making a sale. Go large! One thing though, don't just 'upsize' your image; this will compromise on quality and will probably just get your image rejected. You need to have a camera with a fairly large pixel count that will give you a good-sized image. My Canon 5D Mk4 produces an 83.2MB Tiff, which I usually either crop or downsize to 60MB (the maximum size some agemcies will take).

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