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by Steve Allen Published 01/04/2017


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I travel with the minimum of equipment, but I always carry a 'back-up' camera ( a Canon 5D Mk III). To keep the amount of gear I need to lug around each day to a minimum, I usually leave this back-up camera in the hotel safe with my laptop, etc. If my main camera should fail, I may have the inconvenience of a journey back to the hotel, but at least I can continue working for the rest of my trip.

I also take a lot of 64GB CF cards on my trips so that if my laptop or backup hard drives fail or are stolen, I still have all my images on the media cards. I try to keep the used cards separate from my other gear at all times, so that if the worse should happen and I get mugged, and my gear stolen, then I'm only likely to lose the media card that was in the camera. Bad, yes, but at least I can then resume my trip after retrieving my back-up camera from the hotel safe and I will not have lost too many images. I never delete anything from my media cards until I get home.


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I always shoot Raw images to my CF card. My main camera (a Canon 5D Mk4) also has the facility of a second media card (an SD card) on which Iíve set the camera to also record a back-up JPEG.

Shooting Raw allows me to control all aspects of the final 'look' of the image. If you shoot only JPEGs then you are basically leaving everything to the camera's processor and firmware and you will also end up with an image that is 'compressed'. This means that a lot of the original image data that the camera captured is discarded to keep the file size down.
NOT a good way to work...... SHOOT RAW !

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