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by Steve Allen Published 01/04/2017


Two Elephants (Loxodonta africana) fighting in the Savuti region of Botswana in Southern Africa

HOWEVER! You can have the best image in the world, but without good ‘keywording’ no one will ever find it amongst the millions of other images on sale. Again, you must make your images stand out. They need to come high in the search results (on the first couple of pages at least). To do this, strong keywording is essential! (Your ‘Agency Ranking' also has an influence – more about that below).

At most agencies, the search engine appears to be weighted towards the 'Title' first, then the 'keyword list' and then the 'wording in the description field'.

So, it's important to give your image a strong title that uses words buyers search with.

For the image below it's no use just putting something like: ‘Avenue of Trees' You need to use words that buyers are likely to use when searching.

So, ''The Dark Hedges – County Antrim – Northern Ireland’ is far better. (Note: on some sites keywords may be first, so it’s best to check out the agency you plan to use by doing some searches and evaluating the results)

Notice that in the title I leave out words such as 'at, it, and, on, in, to' – this is because the search engine generally ignores them, so for the title, bullet point words are far better. I also usually leave out the word 'the' unless, as above, it is necessary for the title to make sense.

For the 'Description Field' you should give a clear description of the location and what's happening in your image. For the image above something like:

'Early morning sunlight on the 'Dark Hedges' – an avenue of ancient trees in County Antrim in Northern Ireland.'

You could also add more information that may be useful to a buyer, but you must make sure it's accurate. (I find Wikipedia useful for getting this kind of info).

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