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by Steve Allen Published 01/04/2017


The 'Keyword field' should have as many strong keywords as possible. Keywords that describe the location and content of your image. Once again Wikipedia is a great place to find relevant keywords. You could also try using an on-line thesaurus. Incidentally, I prefer do all my keyboarding manually, I don’t use a keyword generator.

For the image above, keywords such as:

dark hedges; Ireland; County Antrim; Northern Ireland; tree; avenue; woodland; forest; nature; sunlight; landscape; dawn; travel; tourism; road; Europe; landmark; sightseeing; country lane; ancient; fauna; woods; countryside; rural; figure; tourist; tourist destination; It’s also a good idea to keyword using American English as the USA is the world’s biggest market for stock images. Some locations may have more than one way of spelling the name of the place or destination, for example: Iguacu Falls in Brazil, is also spelt Iguassu, Yguasu or Iguazu. It's important to include all variants in your keywording.

Another thing that has a huge influence on sales in general (not just travel images) is 'RANKING'.


For those of you who don't know what 'Ranking' is, here is a brief explanation:

Ranking is the level within searches that the agency search engine applies to your images when it searches for specific keywords. The better your ranking, the higher your images will appear in any search.

A very good ranking may get your images relevant to that search on to the first couple of pages, a lower ranking means your images are on later pages and far less likely to be seen by the buyer. Most buyers tend to only look at the first few pages of a search.

This explanation is a bit simplistic as other factors such as keywording, title wording, etc also have a great influence on where your images will come in a search.

Now agencies are quite secretive about exactly what makes up an individual contributor’s ranking, so to some extent this is guesswork. One thing that will make a difference here is the number of new images per month you upload. Constant high levels of uploading seems to increase your ranking. I know this because if I go away on a 10-week overseas shoot and no new images are uploaded while I'm away, I will see a drop in sales. I think your 'sales history' and possibly your ‘image acceptance level’ may have an influence too.

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