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Apply for distinctions in the Society of International Travel & Tourism Photographers

This is a terrific opportunity to have your work appraised and gain the recognition for your creative skills.

As a member take the first step towards gaining your distinction be submitting your images for mentoring – full Professional member are entitled to unlimited mentoring, Enthusiast members may have two mentoring submissions per annum, and all membership levels can also apply though each application incurs a fee.Steve Allen

The Society of International Travel & Tourism Photographers - SITTP Subject matter: Continents, countries, cities, towns, street photography, national parks and places of interest Qualifications/distinctions available: LSITTP, ASITTP and FSITTP

Licentiate and Associate submissions can be made electronically while Fellow panels are required as a printed submission.

Assessment for Licentiate and Associate is continuous throughout the year, with Fellow submissions being assessed annually at the Convention.

Reciprocal Qualifications

In some instances the Societies recognise qualifications and distinctions awarded by other photographic associations and societies.

If you can supply: A copy of your certificate and the images originally submitted for assessment our appraisal team will be more than happy to give due consideration to recognising the award.

The general public tend to regard this, our lowest level of qualification as a "Licensed" photographer and in many ways this is not an unreasonable analogy. As far as ‘The Society’ is concerned, we draw our judges for all levels of qualification from amongst the most skilful practitioners in the World. They are trained to look at this level for a consistent standard of imaging that a client could reasonably not take issue with. If you like, a base level of professional competence or in the terminology of Trading Standards departments, "items of merchantable quality". Of course we also look at aesthetics and imagination but at this level they are not crucial factors.

At this standard, we are viewing images that not only display a high degree of technical ability, but also portray imagination and creativity in execution and presentation. These are important factors that often go hand in hand with higher prices as this qualification is held by the top 10% of practitioners, who coincidentally are often impressive image-makers and astute businessmen.

Our ultimate accolade and is held by the top 1% of the memberships of most of the UK’s representative bodies. These select few have achieved the highest professional standards in imaging, creativity, presentation and behaviour. As with the judging criteria for ‘Associateship’, never bestowed lightly but only after constant submission of work to their mentors, rigorous examinations and many years in professional practice. So, to our members, we encourage you to achieve qualifications that benchmark you and your work within the photographic industry.

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