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by Steve Allen Published 01/04/2017


Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Koln, cathedral, bridge, River Rhine, Germany, German, travel, tourism, destination, night, landmarks, Westphalia, Colonius, church, city, dusk

Try to shoot the 'iconic' locations at your destination first. If a buyer for a magazine is writing an article about a place and only has space for three or four pictures, they are probably going to choose iconic images that everyone will recognise as being from that place. Shoot this type of image first; these are the 'establishing shots' and these are the ones that really do sell. You may think, 'why bother, it's all been done before?' but there is an insatiable demand for this type of image and good images of travel icons usually do well. One of my all-time best selling travel images is a shot of the Taj Mahal.

Including people in your shots can really help to sell travel images, especially 'released' people. However, it can be almost impossible to get local people (strangers) to sign a release, so this type of image must be marketed as 'Editorial'. Good editorial travel images DO SELL! They are worth doing.

Almost all the travel images that are used by the travel industry are classed as editorial.

The 'Admin' side of travel photography is also important; sorting out flights, hotels, visas and travel permits is a boring but necessary part of travelling. Safety is paramount and any dangers that your intended destination could throw at you need to be investigated before you travel. It's also very easy to become sick when traveling; diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, typhoid, AIDS, rabies, etc should not be underestimated and care taken to avoid them. Even a simple tummy bug can soon put an end to your very expensive trip.

If I'm visiting a destination where I think there could be a problem with travel sickness I often take a course of wide-spectrum antibiotics, starting the day before I leave home. This will help to keep you 'immune' from most forms of food poisoning during the time you are on the course, and reduce the risk for maybe a week or two after the course ends.

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