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by Steve Allen Published 01/04/2017

I also avoid hotel buffets and salads, they are a great place to get food poisoning. In Asia I never eat water melons as they are often put in rivers to swell in size (large sells for more), and all that polluted river water they absorb makes them a recipe for the trots.

In India even bottled water can be unsafe as many local shopkeepers have the machine to re-seal the bottles after filling them with tap water. Drink fizzy drinks such as Coke as these cannot easily be re-sealed in this way.

I have also travelled to some places at maybe not the best of times to visit as a tourist. I was in Sri Lanka during the civil war. I stayed mostly in the south, but I did venture to within about 20 miles of the danger areas in the north. I was in Jerusalem only a few days before a bomb on a bus killed a lot of people. At the moment, I'm trying to get a visa to visit North Korea. It's important to assess any danger and only visit a place with your 'eyes wide open'. It can be a dangerous world out there!

You also need to look after your gear. Very hot, humid, dusty or wetweather or very cold Arctic conditions can affect your cameras and lenses. Be prepared and think about it in advance, before you leave home.

Ziplock plastic bags are useful for keeping moisture and dust away from your gear. I always carry a few in my camera bag. Polar temperatures can play havoc with camera batteries, making them slow to charge and poor at holding a charge. If youíre working in very cold areas take extra batteries and try to keep them warm. I carry them in the inside pocket of my coat so they can bask in my body heat.

Don't forget to take out adequate insurance both for your camera gear and yourself. Medical repatriation is expensive. From some of the remote destinations I've been to, such as Antarctica, Tibet, Greenland, the South Pacific Islands etc., it can be VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE, so make sure your travel insurance fully covers you for medical treatment AND repatriation from anywhere in the world. Pay the extra, itís worth it!

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