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Why Keith Wilson, award-winning photo-editor and photographer is Awestruck by Camera Awesome

I am not the sort of person who easily uses superlatives when asked to review a new piece of technology. You see, I have never been an early adopter and as a journalist I can't help but remain sceptical of the most glowing endorsements. Like many, I prefer to delay any purchase because I know the technology will improve and the price will come down.

But what if this new product is an app? A free app? In that case, there's no excuse for delay, and when the bastions of editorial sobriety such as the Wall Street Journal and Time magazine become part of the chorus of happy, appy converts, you know there must be something in it.


Camera Awesome is the free app for iPhone that is the source of all this fuss - more than two million downloads were made in its first week of launch earlier this year; four million by the end of its first month. Millions more have since added the app, developed by photowebsite SmugMug.

So what's all the fuss about?

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