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by Jim Chamberlain Published 01/08/2010


if you want to sell your photographic art, or any type of photograph for that matter. The first thing, after putting together a collection of fine images, is to create a business plan and a marketing and selling strategy. When I moved to Florida with the idea of giving up portraiture and weddings and selling just my art, I spent six months researching my customer base. I have created what I call the 4 Ws of selling art: Who, What, Why and Where.

Who is buying art and where do they come from? In my area of Florida they come from the Mid West, (Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee) - a very conservative region. There is a new trend of people coming from the Northeast, (Boston and New York) that adds a more sophisticated market, accustomed to higher pricing. Their income level is retired wealthy or executive vacation-home rich. Their age group is between 50 and 75 years old. The design taste in my area is Mediterranean.


What relates to colour, style and design. They are buying for decor as well as the 'art' of the image. The images need to coordinate with the rest of the interior. The style and design should reflect their lifestyle. They are also buying memories of past experiences.

Why is for a new home, a second home, a new household (just married, again) change of lifestyle, or because an interior designer told them to. Where determines what room it is going into, subject, size. If it's for an office or residential space will determine colour appropriateness, conservative colours or spicy bright colours. Size appropriateness means is the finished, framed image right for the space? If it's going over a couch it needs to be at least 5 to 6 feet long. If it's going above a kingsize bed, I can fit two 40"x 30" verticals. The subject should also be 'room appropriate'. I sell small, detailed images: lavender carts, spice bins and other 'market day' details for the kitchen, whereas more intimate images work in the bedroom.

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