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Published 01/08/2010

By Kevin Casha

I was also taken to tour the giant Al Hamra Towers, which are currently under construction. When the project is finalised, the Towers will be amongst the 10 highest skyscrapers in the world and, at 412 metres, the highest building in Kuwait. It was an exhilarating experience going all the way up in the elevators together with the workers. The view from the top was breathtaking and it felt similar to looking down at the ground from a helicopter. The previous towering skyscrapers, which I had seen from street level before arriving at the towers, looked like fragile toys from atop this gigantic marvel of engineering.

The workshops and lectures went well, except for one instant when I tried to teach them how to pose groups. I usually select students at random and then position them into groups making out they are family, friends, fiancees, etc. But this time I had to hastily change my methods as I realised that men and women can't mix together unless they are relatives. So I did get somewhat shocked looks when I tried to pose the students together!

Anyway, no harm done, and I also learned some more of the Muslim people's customs and religion. It was also great to see the enthusiasm when I set up two studios for portrait photography. It was a little difficult to get people to pose but my hosts quickly arranged to get me Lebanese models for the workshops.

Alas, the week flew by, and the course ended with the presentation of certificates and prizes to the most promising students as well as TV and radio interviews with me.

It was touching to see that most of the students were genuinely sad to see me leave as they obviously crave events and contact such as this. I was touched by their messages of farewell as well as their pleas for me to come back again and revisit them soon.

I am pretty sure that I will not forget them and that they will not forget me, and I look forward to going again, not only to try to teach the little I know, but to be again in the midst of such genuine, friendly people, who today I proudly call my friends.

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