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Published 01/08/2010


By Kevin Casha

It was quite late when I retraced my steps back to the hotel, keeping the mosque ever present in my mind. Soon I arrived near what I thought was my landmark, only to find out that my hotel had moved! Or so I thought, anyway! I spent the best part of the following hour confusingly going around the area, asking people (who knew very little English), the way back to my hotel, which did not seem to be all that popular. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I finally managed to retrace my steps and realised that, unfortunately for me, a lot of the mosques in the area look surprisingly similar!


So it was a deep sleep that I woke up from the next day, when Ali Al Attar and Mehdi, who were helping me with logistics, turned up to meet me and work out the details for the course and workshops. I must say that I hit it off straight away with these two, and, for me, it turned out that the highlight of my stay was the sincere friendship and hospitality of the all the Kuwaiti people I met.

I was quickly whisked off to see the course venue - the super Gulf Science University in Kuwait City. I must say, the Kuwaitis know how to build their universities, (might be their friendship with the Americans and their oil revenue helps!) I could not ask for more, as I was shown around the campus and the lecture hall, which were fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and infrastructure. After sitting down with Ali and discussing the final details regarding my logistics and equipment requirements, it was time for a quick tour of Kuwait City.

I fell in love straightaway (photographically, I mean!) with the characteristic old Al Mubarekiya market, or 'souk', and vowed to return with my camera to take some shots of the location and its characters. After having a short pause, enlivened with some strong tea (like myself, the Kuwaitis love their tea, which is traditionally served in a pot on sizzling charcoal), I was whisked off to see the modern business district with its high towers and impressive shopping malls. It seems that the Kuwaitis are somewhat obsessed with building ever bigger and higher malls and skyscrapers.

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