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Published 01/08/2010


By Kevin Casha

It was intriguing and interesting to see the Kuwaiti way of dress. The islamic dress code is not compulsory, but many of the older Kuwaiti men prefer wearing what is termed the dish dasha, an ankle-length white shirt woven from wool or cotton. It is also common for the males to wear very elegant and impecabble versions of the dish dasha during official or ceremonial functions and occasions.


Only the minority of women still wear the abaya, a black over-garment, similar to the burka, which covers most parts of the body. This attire is particularly well suited for Kuwait's often hot and dry climate. Still, today, western-style clothing, (albeit in a very subdued form), is also fairly popular among Kuwait's youth.

I was naturally taken to the prominent Kuwait Towers landmark, designed by Swedish architect, Sune Lindstrom. The towers have a unique blend of traditional minaret and modern architectural design, and still purposely bear many bitter scars of Saddam Hussein's savage invasion of the oilrich principality in 1990. Justifiably, the Kuwaitis will not easily forget the ravages and cruelty of that invasion. In fact, most families still tell heartrending stories of relatives and friends who were forcibly arrested by the Iraqi aggressors and, unfortunately, never seen again.

My Kuwaiti tours apart, the time soon arrived for me to give my first scheduled lecture at the university. Naturally, I did experience some butterflies, but, at the same time, I felt well prepared and confident. As is my norm, I arrived at the lecture hall 30 minutes before time and started getting increasingly anxious as I was the only one there!

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