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Published 01/10/2016


The Osmo only gives marginal benefits if a printed panorama is required - a stills camera can do an effective job on its own. However, as soon as you launch a drone to make panoramas, a whole new vista opens up (quite literally - suddenly you are showing the viewer something that they cannot see for themselves). This novelty can be an income generator. On cityscapes more businesses are visible, each being a potential source of income!

Time Lapse and GoPro

Some of the new technology may be combined for even more impact.

Time lapse has become very popular for film-makers, advertisers and web designers. There is no doubt that adding rich content to a website brings benefits. We showcase here some of the work from Paul McMullin which utilises combined techniques of video capture.


Cable laying

A time lapse sequence of a newly installed cable being dragged ashore.

The cable is intended to bring power from an offshore wind farm to a land-based substation. Paul shot 1,700 GoPro images and then converted to a timelapse using the recent Photoshop Timeline facility.

For the final product, video footage and stills will also be spliced to produce a polished and visually interesting feature video of a short duration. The 1,700 GoPro images were rendered into a 57-second time lapse in around 25 minutes. It is worth relating the instructions for the making of the time lapse which is as follows:

In Photoshop click file>New. Choose Film and Video then set the frame speed if required (say 25fps).
Go to Layer then Video Layers then 'new video from file'.
Select the first frame form the GoPro set.
Click Create Smart Object.

Choose Edit>Transform Sale and adjust the field of view you require.

Choose Filter>Lens Correction if you wish to improve the 'drawing'of the GoPro lens (it's hardly Leica standard!).

Choose File>Export>Render Video (and adjust frame rate if you need to).

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