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Published 01/10/2016


On the other side, there's a trigger button that provides three functions: hold down to lock the camera's orientation, double-tap to re-centre the gimbal and triple-tap to swing the camera back for a selfie (ahhggg this might be the world's most expensive selfie stick). If needed, the gimbal does allow minor adjustments by hand.


Various software applications are required to process images. If you are shooting 'footage' for splicing into standard video we can assume that you are up to speed on such matters and will already have software.

Photoshop can do an elementary stitching job but any of the PT GUI-based free software might be better for panoramas (eg Hugin). We actually have some success with GigaPan Stitch which frequently gets the job done when other software stutters a little.


The Osmo only gives marginal benefits if a printed panorama is required - a stills camera can do an effective job on its own. However, as soon as you launch a drone to make panoramas, a whole new vista opens up (quite literally - suddenly you are showing the viewer something that they cannot see for themselves). This novelty can be an income generator. On cityscapes more businesses are visible, each being a potential source of income!

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