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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/04/2015


Full Moon: Apollo Mission Photographs of the Lunar Landing

I might have been visiting New York to see the art galleries, but I'm a sucker for a natural history museum. While the American Museum of Natural History might appear a bit dated to an older visitor who's grown up with our own Natural History Museum in London, it'll certainly win over the hearts of younger family members (and some big kids too) with its Night at the Museum inspired tour.

However, it's most certainly worth a trip to see the photography exhibition in the Rose Centre of Earth and Space. Artist Michael Light is a landscape photographer who first visited the NASA photographic archive in 1995. He felt that there must have been more to the Apollo lunar landing than the ten or so images that the public regularly see and so he went on a quest to formulate his own exhibition from the archive material. Indeed there were 32,000 photographs made by astronauts on the Apollo missions that he could choose from. Michael Light brings the original film shots to life with digital imaging techniques, showing us a world beyond the tightly controlled press releases. Seeing the lunar surface through the eyes of a landscape photographer rather than the NASA press team is something that should provide light-years of inspiration for every photographer.


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