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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/04/2015


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met is almost one quarter of a mile long. I can well believe that statistic; I wore a pedometer for the two days I spent in there and I walked around 20km a day within the walls of the museum. Don't plan to see everything on display (you have to be extraordinarily determined to do so) instead pick just two or three collections. And of course, do pick up a map at the entrance otherwise I guarantee you'll be lost in no time. In fact even with a map you'll get lost anyway, but the staff are well practiced at giving directions!

There are three permanent photography galleries in The Met that show a changing and varied program of exhibitions. When I visited there was the most remarkable set of Carleton Watkins wet-collodion photographs of Yosemite; you can generally expect something old alongside something new from the photography curators.


The American Wing is possibly the jewel in the crown of The Met with everything from iconic paintings of past presidents to unique American furniture. The landscape paintings in the gallery seem particularly surreal if you've never been to the more remote parts of the US or grown up with them on TV. There's certainly plenty of inspiration to be taken from them if you're a landscape photographer, the compositions and colours are magical. The Degas sculpture room and the utterly mesmerising The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer in the nineteenth and early twentieth century European art wing is also worth the extra few kilometres of shoe rubber - it's at the other end of the building!

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