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by Jim Chamberlain Published 01/10/2011


The frames I used on this sale were dark, slightly distressed wood with an old-world feel to them, perfect for their vacation home, built back in the 1930s. BTW I use only the best quality Italian frames on my work. They give my images the finishing touch. I also get 30% of my profit from framing.

Using lesser quality frames will not show your work at it's best and lead your clients to buy unframed work, if at all. They are going to put a good frame on it anyway, better it come from you. The size of the framed work you show is probably the most important piece of the selling process. Having an understanding of the room dynamics of the homes in my area, room size, ceiling heights, square feet of floor space and design style give me clues as to the frames I use, and the size of the finished piece. I have learned for experience - some of my images that never sold as 20''x24'' started selling on a regular basis once I resized them up to 30''x 40''. My images also 'tell' me what size to make them. Some images have detail that needs to be large in order to appreciate the story in the image. Some images are better smaller, to draw the viewer in closer to study it. The viewing distance, is also determined by the room size.

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1st Published 01/10/2011
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