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by Jim Chamberlain Published 01/10/2011


But first, when it comes to selling your photographic art, do you really know what you're selling? Is your product wall decor, fine art photography or are they just pretty pictures from your vacation? Selling landscape art means your work must be the very best you can do, it must stand out from the rest. Ahead of his Convention appearance and along the theme of the current issue, specialist fine art creator Jim Chamberlain passes over some of his longstanding experience of the market.

In the downturn of the economy that I'm facing today, especially with the real estate market crash, it is important that I keep my work fresh with new images, target clients that are still buying homes and appreciate art in their lives.

The talk of recession and lack of money to spend is just an excuse for not getting your work to those clients with a job, a home and money to spend.


I don't show my work at the local flea markets because it attracts people looking for discounts, cheap stuff at cheap prices. I show my work in galleries or art shows which the best restaurants, art galleries and furnishing stores attend.

I show only European scenes, mostly France and Italy. In my selling market, my clients are fairly well off and travel to Europe for their holidays. The works I show have a connection with them. They may have visited the places in my work, or it reminds them of places they have been.

It is important to understand who is buying your art, why are they going to buy it, and how will they display it. My clients are in the 55 to 75 age group. They are usually retired, with two homes. I meet them mostly while they are visiting their vacation home.

One of the best compliments I received recently was from a couple from Washington DC. The gentleman worked for a large national organisation. I met them during one of my art shows. After studying my work for a few minutes he placed a nice order for six - 24'' x 40'' framed prints. He commented that my work reminded him of a 'lifetime of travel memories' with his wife. What more could I ask?

Being educated in wine collecting, (my wine cellar is full with over 400 French and Italian reds ), popular museums of the region and artists, (mostly late 19 to mid 20 century) is helpful in conversing with art buyers. These are most popular topics of discussion when talking about traveling, the wine they drink and the museums they visit on their travels. Being able to talk about what interests them keeps their attention and their interest in knowing about you.

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