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by Stuart Barry Published 01/06/2011


It's a dilemma. You are about to set off on holiday. What photographic gear do you pack? Never mind how many sweaters might be needed; should I take the decent tripod or make do with a slightly wobbly one that fits into my suitcase?

In March a group of six of us set off on a private tour of Rajasthan, the area between Delhi and the Pakistan border, in northern India. This being partly holiday with friends I did not feel that I could fill the minibus with my gear, or delay everyone while I got that perfect shot. But I did want to make a 30-minute video of the trip as well as to capture still images for stock photography. So some serious compromises were required.


My Lowepro camera rucksack would determine what I would carry. I wanted to keep all the expensive items plus travel documents in hand baggage. Here's how it went.

Canon EOS 5D mark II with 24-70mm L lens, for video and highresolution stills.
Canon EOS 5D with 70-200mm IS L lens and 2x doubler, for wildlife and backup.
Rode gun microphone plus cable.
Two battery chargers shared a common power cord and this meant I could take the minimum number of extra batteries, which had to go in hold luggage on the return trip.
A viewfinder loupe for video use.
A CF card reader. Vodafone GPS USB-Bluetooth adaptor. Canon WFT-EIIB wi-fi adaptor.
I really wanted to take my full laptop, but decided against for two reasons: extra weight; the risk of losing an expensive item with lots of personal data. So I packed a cheap Acer netbook. More about that later.

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