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by Paul Zammit Cutajar Published 01/04/2015


That would normally be followed by a visit to an extremely large 'open air' bathroom, containing two showers, one huge bath, two wash-hand basins and a loo.

I must admit that my first visit was a little bit unnerving. It is as though I was one with nature such is the discreet architecture offering absolute seclusion.

Showered and ready, I trotted off for breakfast. Now breakfast is not breakfast as we know it. It is a feast above all feasts, insomuch that almost everyone skips lunch.

After that, whatever you want to do on the island is entirely up to you. A leisurely barefoot walk around was just the job for me. You'd find the majority of Chinese and Koreans decked in head-to-toe swimsuits, T-shirts, and wide-rimmed hats, flapping around in the shallow lagoon, snorkelling to their heart's content. The Russians, with kids in tow, would strategically hog the area between the infinity pool and the open-air bar. Their women, as opposed to the Asians, would wear the least possible. I'd be darned if I couldn't fit three 'string' bikinis in the fist of my hand. And then, there are the honeymooners that the Maldives is so famous for. Rarely leaving their love-nests, they would occasionally be seen dining at night, if at all.


One of the highlights of the week is General Manager's drinks. This is where GM Nigel Pace introduces himself to the newly arrived and, of course, for the guests to get to know each other. There is a lot of "Hello, my name is ........", "What do you do", "Where do you come from", etc, etc. It is a great idea to break the ice so early in your stay. The post of a general manager is paramount to the success of the resort, and Nigel, who hails from Malta, is a success story. He is amiable with an infectious smile and you could see that the guests immediately take to him. Even when the resort is fully booked you'd hardly see anyone around, except at breakfast, which is more alike to central station.

Each studio/pavilion is well away from the next one. There is peacefulness, serenity, and most of all, seclusion.

However, there is much to do.

For the competitive and energetic type there is: Big game fishing (a big favourite and the chance of a catch is good). Water-sports that include scuba diving, snorkelling, wind and kite surfing. A games room with a sports simulator.

And then, there is my favourite hobby of doing absolutely nothing at all. Re-charging the batteries, I call it. Chilling on a sun-bed, in such an environment, with a good book and a couple of cocktails is good for the soul.

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