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by Mike McNamee Published 01/10/2015


Painter 2016 arrived in a timely manner just as we were planning a couple of pages on the topic as part of our creative themed magazine, having discussed the matter with Corel expert Carol Tipping. Painter is a somewhat specialised program but within the Societies we have Jane Conner-ziser, Marilyn Sholin and Winfred Whitfield who are all Corel Masters. We reproduce one of Jane's images here.

For anybody new to Painter it is best defined as a 'real media' digital painting program. It relies quite heavily on skilled brush use via a graphics tablet, but has the unique feature of allowing colour to be cloned onto the digital page from a 'hidden, underneath-the-page layer' to create an image that is structured with the brush type used for the cloning. There are an uncountable number of variations of brushes and settings (there are 131 new ones in this issue of Painter alone) and the options range from delicate pastels and watercolours through to full-on oils and acrylics with heavy impasto, as if applied with a palette knife. You can paint directly (ie freehand) or use the cloning method to select the colours to be blended in any part of the image. This, though, is but a small fraction of what the program is capable of, the limit is the imagination of the artist.


Painter is used extensively by background (matte) painters, digital artists, illustrators and digital content generators who are looking for freestyle approach. It has a strong following among fantasy artists and medical illustrators.

What's new?

The headline features are:

  • Audio Expression: Brushes that react to sound. Users can play music in the background or directly from a computer to modify the size, angle and colour variability of any brush. and
  • Dynamic Speckles: Particle system physics combine with brush thickness control, allowing users to create luscious Natural-Media brushstrokes or splatters. Speckles in the brushstrokes are truly dynamic and are generated as the user paints.

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