Zoe and Dominic Wright The Societies 2013 Fashion Photographer of the Year - part 1 of 1 2 3

Published 01/12/2014

"We met when we were working at an advertising agency," Zoe tells me excitedly. "Dominic was an art director and I used to organise the photo shoots for big campaigns for clients. Actually how we run things now in our business feels very natural to us because it's what we used to do for our jobs before, the only difference is that somebody else used to take the pictures!" The experience that Zoe and Dominic gained in their previous careers certainly got them off on the right foot creatively when they decided to pursue wedding photography, but it didn't mean that absolutely everything came easily to them.

Enrolling in Aspire Photography Training's Bespoke programme was what made the difference between being struggling artists and fully fledged business-people. In many ways Zoe and Dominic's initial approach to wedding photography was completely the opposite of many peoples' route into the business. "We knew what we wanted our photographs to look like and we had the creative background, but we had to learn the technical aspects to photography and how to run a business." That's where Aspire Photography Training stepped into the frame. Uncharacteristically serious for a moment, Zoe says to me: "We credit Catherine Connor with everything, she really understands us as people and we trust her completely when it comes to our business." Clearly they had hit upon a winning combination as at last year's Convention Zoe and Dominic celebrated their hard work and determination by being presented with the Business Award 2012.

Within moments though Zoe is once again full of her boundless enthusiasm as she talks about the day that produced the winning entry at the Convention this year. "The manager of Rise Hall is a wedding planner called Helen whom we have been working with. Last year she invited us over to have a look round the venue and a chat. One thing led to another and we became their only recommended wedding photographers for Rise Hall! Helen wanted to arrange a promotional shoot to showcase the talents of their different suppliers as well as to put her own stamp on the marketing materials. She dressed tables and the huge staircase as if it was a top-end wedding before letting us shoot there. It took her two days and nights of working to get it ready!"

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