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Travel Photographer of the Year

The Society of International Travel & Tourism Photographers – SITTP welcomes professional and enthusiast photographers who’s interests are capturing the scenes around the world.

In the ever-competitive world of photography, high quality images are still in demand by stock agencies and publishers the world over.
SITTP offers members the opportunity to raise their photographic profile with the opportunity to share their work, participate in image competitions, engage with thousands of fellow photographers in our interactive Forum and gain distinctions and qualifications based upon submission of work.

Members can also gain help through the intensive ‘Mentor Me’ programme designed specifically to assist anyone who wishes to improve their photographic skill levels.
If your photography captures cityscapes, landscapes, vistas, holiday destinations, countries, national parks, transport, travel, leisure activities or people on the move then The Society of International Travel & Tourism Photographers for you.

But that's not all...you can also enter 25 other categories, including, nature, wildlife, marco, monochrome and much more.

SITTP Members can enter the competition here